Jaime Krausmann is a Sydney/Eora-based artist and recent BFA graduate specialising in painting. His practice approaches oil painting through a pluralistic lens, primarily focusing on poetic explorations of the human form. Drawing inspiration from literature, Jaime incorporates subtle punctuations of ubiquitous imagery, symbolism, and metonymy to craft dialectical compositions. These compositions form visual puzzles that detect clarity on the border of representation, inviting viewers to engage with the implicit qualities of painting.

         Almost Residue, 2023.
         122 cm x 91 cm, (oil on canvas)


                                                          Lazarus, again,  2023.
                                          152 cm x 122cm, (oil on canvas)



             Expectation by Chance, 2023.
             168 cm x 122 cm, (oil on canvas)


                                Dead Streets of Revenue,                                                             170cm x 130cm, (oil on canvas)

For any enquiries, Email : Jaimekrausmann@gmail.com